August 2023


Dear Customers,

We're excited to present the RICO HGR Guillotine – an innovative addition to JPS Machinery's lineup, poised to redefine precision in metal cutting.

What Sets the RICO HGR Apart:

- Adaptable Rake Angle: Attain exceptional cuts across diverse materials with customizable rake angles, ensuring unwavering quality.

- Robust Hydraulic System: The hydraulic configuration ensures consistent, reliable cutting force for precise, uniform cuts.

- User-Friendly Controls: Effortlessly fine-tune parameters through an intuitive interface, enabling real-time adjustments.

- Durability: Crafted from premium materials, the RICO HGR guarantees enduring performance with minimal upkeep.

- Enhanced Operator Safety: Equipped with advanced safety features to prioritize operator well-being.

Key RICO HGR Features:

Two standout features deserve special mention:

- Blade Holders on Bearings: The RICO HGR employs blade holders on bearings, leading to exceptionally smooth movement. This design choice enhances precision and extends the machine's longevity, resulting in finer, more consistent cuts, allowing for finite blade gap adjustment across the whole length of the beam.

- Minimal Vibrations: The RICO HGR boasts remarkably low vibrations during operation. This unique attribute not only optimizes cut precision but also fosters a more comfortable and controlled working environment.

Explore Further:

For a comprehensive insight, delve into the RICO HGR Guillotine Catalogue.

Experience the evolution of precision with the RICO HGR Guillotine. Contact our experts for an insightful demonstration.

Stay tuned for more pioneering developments from JPS Machinery.

Best Regards,

Josh Towell
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